Generators Sets and Panel Boards

Our organization engaged in providing Generator Prototype, Automatic Voltage Regulators and AMF Panel Boards. In addition, we also provide services to our clients in the form of consultancy, maintenance and repairs. The generators sets and other products that we manufacture are highly environment friendly and follow the EPA norms. Our clients can hire our products for their businesses, industries, schools and offices.
AMF Panel Boards
Our organization manufactures a wide range of AMF panel boards, which are used for various indoor and outdoor applications. The raw material used to manufacture these AMF Panel boards is of good quality. We offer these panel boards in various specifications.
Automatic Voltage Regulators
We manufacture precision designed automatic voltage regulators with isolation transformers that find usage in many industries. An Automatic Voltage Regulator is used to regulate the excitation voltage in the transformer according to the reference voltage. In case of a transformer, the PT voltage is the reference voltage. The AVR is used to continuously regularize the PT input of the transformer.
Bedding Type With Sound Proof Dg Sets
Our offered products have gained a highly reputation among client in domestic and abroad after having been launched into market. They have proved one of the gen sets that cost you the least money but have the best performance.
  1. Wide power range: the power range is 18kw-200kwand speed range is 1500-1800rpm.
  2. Low fuel consumption: the minimum fuel consumption is 207g/kw. H, its fuel consumption curve is very flat. It has good economic value under normal working conditions.
  3. Reliable operation: backed by the internationally advanced technology. The engine components undergo harsh inspection to ensure a high reliability. High performance engine monitoring meter can effectively guarantee the reliable operation of the engine.
  4. Convenient installation and maintenance: both the sea water-fresh water exchanger and the air cooler are mounted on the engine making the installation more convenient. To make for easier maintenance, some alternations were made on the observation hole of the injection advance angle, the fuel as well as the position of the oil drain hole.
  5. Excellent quality and competitive price, low noise and fuel consumption, silence canopy for option. High efficiency and low pressure pt fuel pump.
Mobile DG Sets
We offer mobile diesel generator set with following detail:
  • trailer/mobile diesel generator set.
  • high anti-corrosion structure
  • strong anti-corrosion structure, steel cabinet, galvanized screws, stainless steel locks
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • doors add convenience for installation, observation, maintenance and operation. These doors also have convenient observation windows.
Llube oil exhaust and water pipe can be connected from the outside of the canopy.
  • high safety performance.
  • good ventilation system and anti-heat radiation structure.
  • effective anti-vibration devices to ensure the generator set runs steadily.
  • built-in exhaust silencing system to guarantee operator safely
  • stainless steel locks. Appending up the fuel and battery through the door
  • includes urgent shutdown button , outside to stop the generator in case of emergency
  • air in-take and outlet, which to ensure good ventilation.